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Improve the look, feel and value of your property with our high quality pour-in-place rubber paving. 

Serving Penticton, Kelowna, and the Okanagan Valley.

Pour-In-Place Rubber Paving

We combine new and recycled rubber granules with polymer resins to create beautifully paved driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, playgrounds and more. Discover rubber paving’s superior durability, aesthetics, and comfort over traditional concrete or asphalt paving. 

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Benefits of Rubber Paving

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Rubber Paving


By resurfacing driveways, walkways, wood decks, pool decks, patios, porches, pavers, concrete, tiles and more with our eco-friendly rubber paving, you can enjoy a durable and weather-resistant rubberized surface that adds value to your property.


We resurface commercial driveways, hallways, curbs, steps, concrete pads, garage floors, trailers, playgrounds, sports surfaces, and other common commercial areas.


We can install rubber paving in any environment to enhance safety and aesthetics. High quality materials ensures that our rubber paving can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Improve the Value of Your Property

Rubber paving will transform your property without the need to remove your old surfaces. By enhancing the aesthetics, functionality, and overall feel of your property, you can instantly boost its value, making rubber paving a cost-effective solution.

Built Tough for the Canadian Weather

Lasting 15-20 years, rubber paving can not only withstand heavy vehicular traffic, but it can also endure the harshest outdoor conditions including ice, snow, blistering heat, as well as snow blowers and pressure washers.

Non-Slip Safety Surface​

Rubber paving enhances the safety of your environment with slip-resistant surfaces. Ideal for pool decks, our rubber paving helps protect you and your loved ones from slips and falls.

Tough, but Comfortable

Rubber paving is durable enough to support vehicles, yet flexible enough to cushion your feet. Additionally, it remains cooler under the sun, enhancing comfort and usability.

Recycled Rubber Paving Is A Win Win Strategy

Every year, Canadians use and discard more than 28 million tires. Rubber paving saves tonnes of of tires from traditional disposal by recycling them for use in our superior rubber paving surfaces. With our eco-friendly and cost effective rubber paving, you will benefit with a durable rubberized surface that is made for the Canadian weather and improve the value of your property. 

By choosing recycled rubber, you’ll contribute to diminishing the demand for new rubber production, which in turn, lessens the reliance on petroleum and minimizes the utilization of harmful chemicals associated with new rubber manufacturing.

Traditional asphalt also uses petroleum, so our recycled rubber paving offers double the environmental benefits while delivering comfortable, durable and beautiful surfaces for an increased quality of life. 


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Is rubber paving durable?

Rubber paving is exceptionally durable. By varying the binder-to-rubber ratio, we can fine-tune its hardness. Increasing the binder content results in a tougher, more rigid surface. With the optimal amount of binder, the surface remains highly rigid yet resilient to cracking.

How much does it cost?

The cost of rubber paving depends on several factors, including material selection, the type of surface being covered, the project’s size, and your location. Generally, rubber paving is around 30% cheaper than reinstalling concrete.

Will snow shovelling damage it?

Snow is easily cleared from rubber paving without risking surface damage, thanks to its exceptional durability and resistance to freezing. The permeable nature of rubber paving also facilitates water drainage, preventing ice patches. However, we advise against using metal shovels, ice chippers, or sharp tools to remove ice, as doing so may void your warranty.

Will it stand up to extreme cold and heat?

Rubber paving has been proven to be capable of enduring even the harshest environments, such as the frigid winters of Canada, as well as the scorching heat of Mexico.

Is rubber paving easy to clean?

Rubber paving can easily be cleaned using a simple garden hose or a mop. Occasional low-pressure washing will help keep the surface well maintained and looking beautiful.

Why do I need rubber paving?

Rubber paving offers a safer, more attractive, and comfortable surface than traditional paving. We utilize a base of 100% recycled rubber, blended with any of the 29 different premium-colored rubber crumbs, to create an eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt paving. By opting for our eco-friendly rubber paving, you can increase your property’s value while also contributing to the fight against global warming.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We provide a 5-year warranty against cracking and damage under normal use, which is five times longer than a typical asphalt paving warranty.

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